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About Mission Possible Home Repair

Mission Possible Home Repair is proud of the positive reputation we have earned by delivering quality, professional services to our valued customers throughout our 7 years in business. Our knowledge is backed by years of experience completing home improvements for projects of all sizes. We only work with qualified, licensed contractors and pass this guarantee on to you – our customer.

Mission Possible is the solution to the never ending jobs and small renovations that plague the home owner.

What has made us successful is taking on the small and medium size jobs that the larger contractors do not want to do.  If you are like most home owners, you have already been through the exercise of calling multiple contractors to come and look at work that needs to be done at yoru home, only to not have them show up, or if they do come by, the quote is outrageously prices because they do not really want to do the small jobs.  We SPECIALIZE in the small jobs!

We love what we do and take as much pride and care in the finished product as if you di the job yourself.

Paul Murray
Owner / Contractor
  Mission Possible Home repair
  (416) 807-4489   paul@mphomerepair.com

Paul has been doing renovations as long as he can remember. Even as a young boy he was designing and building elaborate hideouts for his GI Joe action figures, complete with bunks, lighting and battery powered elevators.

Paul is a busy father of three boys.  Needless to say he has seen his fair share of the insides of many a hockey arena.  Paul is supported by his lovely wife Lori who specializes in getting drywall and concrete dust out of Paul's work clothes.

Paul is also an avid supporter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness and has personally raised over $15,000, as well as $30,000 in corporate support.

Paul is currently the Officer Commanding of The 78th Fraser Highlanders, York garrison.

For a free estimate on your home improvement project, please call Mission Possible Home Repair at 416-807-4489.

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Phone: 416-807-4489                         Pickering, ON